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The DESIGN II service is a full-fledged interior design service. It's perfect for those new homes or those under construction where the systems have already been defined and only work on the internal surfaces as floors, walls and ceilings is required.

We are therefore able to design flooring from the simplest to the most complex design in marble or wood; walls with simpler finishes, wallpaper or custom-made boiserie; to the ceilings from the simplest to the more elaborate ones with openings

and lowering with integrated lights.

This service includes realistic renderings that will be useful to choose the various finishes and colors and to see the effect of the interior before confirming the design and proceeding with the realization of the technical drawings.

Usually in this service the furnishings are standard, selected from Italian or international companies, and other furnishings, such as TV walls, other equipped walls or the kitchen are custom designed.

The DESIGN II service consists of complete interior design project that will take place through constant assistance via whatsapp or video call, where we will see together step by step the various phases of the project.

We'll start with the search for style, sharing reference images. Then we'll show you the first proposals, based on your requests, needs and inspirational photos.

Subsequently, graphic drawings will be prepared with realistic views , color palettes and materials, and the layout of the furnishings in plan.

After the confirmation of the style and layout of every single room, we start to prepare the technical drawings regarding the flooring, the walls and the ceiling.

In this service is also included the design of the kitchen and of some bespoke wall units as the TV unit or bookshelf.

All this is completed by the shopping list regarding furnishings and accessories, and the list of interventions to be carried out to keep budget and timing under control.

You can see below an example of the drawings we sent for DESIGN II:

The service can be completely customized,

and the drawings could change in order with the project needs.

If you want a different service for some rooms,

we can mix the services together as needed.


The cost of this service is 45 euros/sqm.

The payment will be done via bank transfer by phases according with the client.

Write us an e-mail to book your DESIGN II or to ask a dedicated quotation!


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