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The E-meeting is the perfect service for those who want simple, practical and quick advices to be able to proceed independently with the restyling or renovation

of one or more rooms in their homes.

The E-meeting service consists of a videocall via Whatsapp, Facetime or Teams during which you can show live to Ilaria Campagna the room you want to renew.

A few days before the videocall you will be asked to send via email the floor plan of the room in question, photos of the current state and some inspirational photos of interiors or details that you want to bring inside your room.

During the call you can take a "Home Tour" of the room to be renovated, and you can ask any questions you want.

Within a week after the videocall a short presentation will be sent to you with the summary of the interventions to be applied, the links for the purchase and all the useful information for the realization.

Below you can see an example of the presentation that will be sent to you.

Each presentation is customized based on the client's needs. In some projects it will be given priority to photomontages, in another to sketches or photos.

If an hour couldn't be enough, or if you have more rooms to renovate,

you can buy as many hours as you want, either all close together or on separate days.


The cost of this service is 150 euros/hour.

The payment will be done via bank transfer when you request the reservation.

Write us an e-mail to book your E-meeting!


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