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Italian furniture design has always emphasised the use of fine quality materials

and beautiful craftsmanship.

Read more about its history and discover the top Italian furniture brands you need to know of.


Whilst history would suggest that the luxury furniture and decorative arts worlds have been completely owned by France from the Louis’ of the 17th and 18th centuries to the Art Nouveau and Art Deco of the 1910s-30s, the late 20th century decades brought an exciting newcomer to the design realm: Italy. The contribution of contemporary Italian furniture designers has left an indelible mark and has established the country as a major exporter of modern-day classics.

“Nowhere else in the world can one find so many varied examples, both in terms of conception and of formal outcome; so many applications of diverse forms, from fashion and graphics to product and set design; such an extensive and multifaceted documentation recorded in literature; and such an international resonance,” says Paola Antonelli, senior design curator at New York’s Museum of Modern Art and renowned expert of Italian design, in the preface of Design Directory: Italy.

Consider the Castiglioni brothers, Vico Magistretti, Ettore Sottsass, Gio Ponti, Gae Aulenti, Marco Zanuso, Fornasetti, Harry Bertoia, Joe Colombo, Carlo Scarpa and Gabriella Crespi—all names which have become ingrained in the design world’s vocabulary for their nonchalant Modernist style. These lodestars of Italian design were proof of the country’s creative vision in the second half of the 20th century and, these days, the same fervour for innovative design remains.

Paola explains, “To this day, Italian furniture design companies have been able to maintain their status and their experimental verve and, in a time short of great indigenous designers, are attracting the best talents from all over the world. They keep the flag of Italian Design flying high.”



Known for: woodworking, elegant and timeless style, craftsmanship, international influence.

Giorgetti is a company with a tradition of more than one hundred years and an international flavor, rooted in the city of Meda, in the center of Brianza.

Giorgetti collections arise from the craft tradition and the industriousness of territory: unique furniture, the high quality of workmanship and the selection of materials. The elements of furniture that range from the purely classical style to the modern style, enhanced with the latest collections.

The true leitmotif of collection is wood, the expensive element of the company, was formed and worked in innovative ways without ever departing from the fine traditional cabinetmaker. The wood has been enhanced by the inserts in other materials over the years: leather, metal, glass and textile, which are natural and precious, in many textures and colors.

The elements are processed and combined with taste, elegance and attention to the details in order to ensure the customers a timeless product that goes beyond fashion.


Known for: stand out for its unmistakable style, devoted to the production of timeless furniture solutions

With over 90 years of history and its headquarters in Meda, Cassina is the quintessence of Italian design. From the early collaboration with Gio Ponti to the creative direction of Patricia Urquiola, the catalogue is a true collection of icons, such as the Maralunga sofa and many more models that are able to anticipate future trends. Cassina also stands out for the re-edition of historical pieces, including the LC collection of armchairs, chairs and tables, now relaunched with a new range of fabrics and finishes for outdoor spaces. From the Superleggera chair to the newest outdoor proposals by Rodolfo Dordoni, Philippe Starck and Patricia Urquiola, all designs by Cassina stand out for the quality of the project beyond ephemeral fashions. Combining artisan tradition and technological progress, the brand has also updated the legendary I Maestri collection, which includes icons designed by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand.


Known for: leather, identity, icons, craftmenship

Renzo Frau founded Poltrona Frau in Turin in 1912. From 1926 it was appointed supplier of the Italian Royal Family, the Savoia dynasty. From then on, it will furnish all the most important houses, grand hotels, the interiors for Expo Turin 1928, and the lavish transatlantic Rex, pride of the Italian Navy. The more you “live” a story, the more interesting it becomes. This is true for the leather of their sofas as for the company’s history, so full of personal experiences, encounters, professional skills and inspiring visions, which have made it a “unicum”. A story that completes itself and stands out in the multi-coloured Italian manufacturing and creative world. There is something that no automatic sewing machine, no computer, no precision laser can ever perform: the intelligence of our hands. That special combination of experience and sensibility that allows you to feel if a padding is well distributed, or if the pleats have the right thickness. Beautiful and responsible: the quality of Poltrona Frau products is not pursued at any cost.

B&B Italia

Known for: versatility, minimalism, iconic design and modernism.

An extraordinary convergence of design and industry, the expression of a contemporary approach.

People, ideas, places, projects and products are what make B&B Italia unique, now as ever.

An adventure that validates courageous vision. A story and an identity that unwaveringly focuses on the future.

B&B Italia's uniqueness lies in an unrivalled blend of creativity, innovation and industrial potential. The artful anticipation of trends and expert response to the evolution of taste and the needs of living deliver a collection of contemporary design furnishing, whose premium quality marks an impressive chapter in the history of Italian design. B&B Italia includes 3 internal divisions, which are:


Powerful lines that combine modernity and tradition.

A complete range of “new classic” furnishings that stand apart for the excellent quality workmanship, precious materials and refined details. Maxalto declares the value of “made in Italy” with unmistakeable timeless elegance.


Founded in 1947 by architects Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Ignazio Gardella and Corrado Corradi Dell’Acqua, Azucena has always been held in the highest esteem as an Italian brand, combining formal elegance, understated luxury and an aesthetical purity in its collections, all manufactured to the highest standard. B&B Italia acquired this historic brand, intending to preserve it as part of Italy’s rich heritage, and it is being relaunched in 2018 with a series of “modern classics” designed by the architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni from the late 1940s onwards.


Known for: international design, sustainability, leather and tradition. Natuzzi builds its history starting from a series of values, which can be considered as the solid roots of the brand. It is from these values ​​that the company has drawn nourishment to expand internationally and branch out its operations. A tree-structured growth, a symbol that recalls and reaffirms the importance of the environment in which we live. The great interest in environmental sustainability has in fact led the company to develop a plan for renewable energy.

The headquarters in Santeramo in Colle has 5 active photovoltaic systems, as well as the Matera and Laterza plants produce electricity and reduce CO2 in the atmosphere thanks to 21,000 photovoltaic modules. This great involvement in respecting the environment is sanctioned by international certifications.

The design of a sofa or an armchair, as well as that of a bed or any other piece of furniture, is treated in detail; the quality and durability of raw materials is certified through numerous load, strength, wear and light resistance tests.

The vigor of a majestic tree can also be seen in its fruits and Natuzzi has been able to give many: the numerous Italian and international awards received, do nothing but attest to the authority of the brand. From the prestigious American Furniture Hall of Fame (2008), through the China Awards Capital Elite Prize (2010), to the most recent Italian Talent Award (2015), each embodies a milestone in the company's extraordinary growth.


Known for: made to measure, uniqueness, high-end, classic and luxury style. In the 60s, a group of cabinet makers from Veneto decided to unite their experience and artisan skills in the creation of a business entirely focused on the production of bespoke furniture, characterised by particular attention to metal details and the application of state-of-the-art mechanic automation systems integrated in