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Palazzo Venere is an historical building in the heart of Venice in Italy. It dates back to the 16th century and is protected by “Belle Arti” (an institution of the Italian Government that safeguards cultural heritage buildings). The building has a floor surface of 240 square meters and is partitioned on 3 levels: ground, first and second floor.

One of the apartment on the ground floor

Palazzo Venere has just been restored into eight roomy apartments. Each apartment has its own unique characteristics and reflects the typical Venetian building style. One of the features is the water gate that overlooks the canal called ‘Rio di San Zuane Evangelista’.

The water gate in an historical building in Venice
The water gate

Palazzo Venere apartments are all different from each other in the architectonic details and the furnishing: each apartment combines the ancient Venetian architectonic features and the details reflecting the Italian twentieth century design in a unique way, “so you can live like a real Venetian and feel at home at the same time”.

One of the bedrooms on the ground floor

The architectural restoration has fully maintained the traditional elements, restoring and integrating them where damaged. For this reason, each room is naturally made comfortable and warm by the ceilings with exposed wooden beams, wooden balconies and typical Venetian floors.

Contemporary apartment
The main floor apartment

The main floor, or "Piano nobile" as they call it in Venice, boasts very high ceilings, almost 4 meters, a spectacular trifora window overlooking the canal and garden, and an original Venetian floor, made from small fragments of different marbles.

Contemporary apartment
The main floor apartment

The furnishings of this apartment are minimal, with 70s inspiration. The colors are more intense and the curtains, for example, recall the dark red "sipario" that we can see on the stage of the "La Fenice" theater.

contemporary bedroom
The main floor bedroom

The bedrooms are bright and serene: soft colors on the wall, original herringbone wooden flooring, original wooden beams on the ceiling. The Midcentury furniture complete the atmosphere.

Traditional Venetian apartment
Another apartment on the main floor

In the same main floor we have 2 other smaller apartments: both are amazing with high wooden ceilings, windows which face the canal or the "calle" the typical Venetian narrow streets. Every apartment is characterized by a different color and enriched by the paitings made by the owner of the building.

One of the bedrooms on the main floor

The majority of the furniture are from Pianca, and Italian furniture company.

The lamps have an original 70s design such as the "Parentesi" lamp by Flos which we see peeking out from behind the door.

One of the livingroom at the attic floor

On the top floor, the original roof with exposed beams offers a unique panorama and a suggestive scenery. On the attic floor we find 3 other apartments each characterized by a different color palette. In this image we see the living room in shades of sand and blue.

One bedroom of the attic floor

In some rooms the ceiling has been restored and repainted, as in this case where we find a cozy and bright bedroom. The detail of the woven leather bed, the painitng and this extra-size mirror that opens the imagination to other worlds make these rooms unique.

Detail of the stairs leading to the attic secret room

In these apartments on the attic floor there are secret rooms where you can take refuge to read a good book or to detach yourself from the world. Try to climb these mysterious ladders and you will discover them!

Another livingroom in the attic floor

This apartment overlooking the canal is very bright and peaceful given the uniqueness of being able to admire a private garden from the windows, which is rare for Venice where there are very few gardens.

Another livingroom in the attic floor

In this apartment we have the colors of yellow and green that stand out from the architecture of the room.

The main apartment in the attic floor

The main apartment on the attic floor is the one that occupies the second salon. Space where formal meetings once took place and served as a living room.

One of the bedroom of the main apartment at the attic floor

Here the rooms have comfortable and spacious beds, always by Pianca.

The rooms are embellished with the original architectural elements.

One of the bedroom of the main apartment at the attic floor

Below just a peek at some of the secret rooms in the attic where to find the quiet to write a letter, to read a book, meditate or listen to music.

Secret room in the attic
Secret room in the attic

Do you want to see these interiors more closely? You can stay there in Venice!

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