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Full renovation and space planning of a 350 sqm private mansion in the beautiful city of Atlanta. We are designing every interior architectural detail and finish, complete with bespoke furnishing and styling throughout.

From the outside we see how the villa is surrounded by a lush lawn decorated with English-style flowers and plants.

The villa externally appears with a Georgian Colonial style, this was the orginal style before the renovation, over which a veil of modernity has been spread.

White walls, classic columns, English-style windows and contemporary details such as the front door, make it both classic and contemporary.

To decorate the garden, we chose the flowering plants and tree essences together with the client who wanted a luxuriant vegetation of hydrangeas, roses and other various flowers, with the only request that they were all exclusively white!

Crossing the main driveway we find ourselves in front of the front door which once crossed allows us to enjoy a beautiful spacious and bright entrance hall characterized by white stone on the floor, by an off-white white for the walls, by English-style doors, iron details of lanterns and consoles.

The most spectacular element is the view that can be seen at the end of the entrance hall: a majestic arched door in iron and glass that overlooks the rear part of the garden.

From the hall we access the kitchen: a medium-sized rectangular room furnished on three sides with a large table in the center.